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Lines of Credit

HSBC Business Line of Credit

Convenient, Flexible, Economical.

Lines of Credit are suitable for any business requiring Working Capital
Finance to finance their regular asset conversion cycle or seasonal cash
shortfalls. Lines of Credit are flexible financing solutions that incorporate
a range of different Trade Service products.


Ready to Apply?


Your personal HSBC Relationship Manager will put together an innovative financial solution that fully meets your business' needs, and provides you with the financing flexibility you require.


  • Borrow only what you need and keep your interest payments low.
  • Your funds are available immediately.
  • Release company cash resources for other uses.
  • Relieve the pressure of short-term cash needs, allowing your business to grow.
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts or unexpected opportunities.
  • Complement your underlying business cycle and its seasonality.
  • Effective financing of asset conversion cycle, relieving pressure on Working Capital and short-term cash flow, allowing you to meet supplier demands, customer requirements and growth needs.

Choice and Flexibility

  • Amounts range from $25K to $2M
  • Committed or uncommitted
  • Rates: LIBOR or Prime-based, fixed or floating, flexible advance rates (where applicable).
  • Subject to borrowing base or cash flows.
  • Customized packages for seasonal over-advance needs.
  • SBA financing available for small business loans.
  • Typical maturity 1 year.


  • Business track record.
  • Projected business performance.
  • Projected business requirements.
  • Collateral coverage

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