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HSBC MasterCard® Corporate Card

HSBC Corporate Card

A better way to manage employee spending.

  • Lower tracking and processing costs
  • Get more detailed transaction information
  • Maximize convenience for your employees
  • Reducing potential misuse and fraud

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Turn the HSBC advantage into your competitive edge.

The HSBC Corporate Card is accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted - at more than 24 million locations worldwide. Your authorized employees can also use the Card to get cash, up to limits you prescribe, at more than a million ATM and bank locations around the globe. So your employees can enjoy the ease, freedom and flexibility of the Corporate Card, while you benefit from better adherence to your company's travel and spending policies.

The Corporate Card also provides you with:

  • Flexible spending controls
  • Reporting hierarchy based upon your organizational structure
  • Web-based account management, reporting and analysis tools
  • 24-hour Client Services and Cardholder Care
  • Corporate and Individual billing options
  • Corporate and Individual liability options
  • Multiple payment methods - ACH, SWIFT, wire, check and autodebit
  • Unsurpassed global acceptance
  • $400,000 worldwide travel accident insurance
  • Up to $100,000 in MasterCoverage® insurance to protect against employee misuse

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