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Merchant Services

HSBC Merchant Services

Processing for your future:

Customers expect more small business owners to accept various
payments methods. In today's business market it is now a necessity.
Start accepting credit and debit card payments for your goods and
services — you'll notice customers like the convenience and you'll
enjoy quick access to funds.

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HSBC, together with Global Payments Inc., provides your business with credit, debit and purchasing card processing solutions. Global Payments is a leading innovator and an expert in payment processing, boasting over forty years industry experience.

HSBC processing solutions for merchants includes:

  • Quicker access to funds
  • Increased customer satisfaction as checkout time is expedited
  • Competitive market rates
  • Easy payment processing equals more sales and more revenue
  • Business-to-Business and Internet payment solutions
  • Secure and reliable Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • 24-hour/7-days a week customer service and support from Global Payments Inc.

Check Services:

No matter the size, your business demands dependable products and services that help you run your business more effectively. HSBC, together with Global Payments Inc., offers a comprehensive range of check payment solutions that meet our customers' needs for affordability and effectiveness.

Customizable check processing systems:

  • Check Guarantee Service
    Provides 100% payment of the check's face value in as few as three days if it is returned by your financial institution
  • Check Verification Service
    A national database with features such as negative and positive check files, bank-provided account closed files and velocity control tracking
  • Check Recovery Services
    Professional skip tracing and recovery of receivables


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