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Business Money Market/Select Investor Account for Business

With a Business Money Market/Select Investor Account from HSBC, you can enjoy higher rates compared to a regular savings and keep your money available for opportunities and emergencies. 

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For high savings yields combined with liquidity, our Select Investor for Business*** account offers you both:

  • High-yielding liquid commercial money market account
  • Attractive earnings for balances of at least $50K
  • Minimum balance of $10K to earn interest
  • FDIC insured


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***  Account does not offer check, ATM or outgoing wire access.  Only six preauthorized, automatic, computer or telephone transfers can be made from your savings account to another account – yours or a third party’s at HSBC per calendar month or statement cycle.  No preauthorized or automatic transfers can be made to a non-HSBC account. No more than three of your six such transfers may be made by check, draft, debit card, or similar order made payable to a third party if permitted by the account. Exceeding these limits may result in your account being closed.

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