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Switch Kit

Switching your checking account to HSBC is easy. Download the Switch Kit and follow the five easy steps explained in the checklist. All PDFs are editable, type in your information on your computer and print, or print and fill out the forms by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What checking account features are important?
Compare our checking account options online, visit an HSBC Branch, or call 1-800-975-HSBC (1-800-975-4722) to learn more.

Is there a fee for using the Switch Kit?
No, the Switch Kit is free.

What should I do to have my paycheck directly deposited into my new HSBC account?
Fill out the Direct Deposit Transfer Letter form and give it to your employer with a voided HSBC check. (Your company may require you to fill out additional forms.)

Where is my routing number?
The routing number is the nine-digit number that often comes before your account number at the bottom of your checks. If you can't find your routing number, call your current bank.
Example of SAMPLE check

How can I have automatic payments that are deducted from my old bank account transferred to my new HSBC account?
You'll find our Automatic Payment Transfer Letter in the Switch Kit. Use copies of this form to notify companies making automatic payments that you want to change your payment instructions. Some companies may ask for a voided check before initializing an automatic payment.

You can also set up new automatic payments with HSBC, or start paying bills with our FREE Personal Internet Banking with FREE Bill Pay, giving you more control over your money.

How do I close my old account?
The Account Closure Request Letter is part of the Switch Kit. Fill out and sign this form, then present it to your former bank. You can request to have the remaining balance wired to your new HSBC account, or ask to be sent a check. Some financial institutions may require you to fill out additional paperwork.

How do I know that all of my checks have cleared and my automatic payments have been made?
Look for outstanding checks and automatic payments on your last statement. If your old bank offers online account access, you can also look online to see if your checks have cleared or automatic payments have been posted to your account.

What's the difference between an automatic payment and a payment made using Bill Pay?
An automatic payment means that you have authorized a third party to initiate a payment transaction from your account.

With FREE Bill Pay from HSBC, you decide when payments are deducted from your account.

How do I cancel my online payments with my old bank?
You'll need to contact your old bank. And, don't forget to cancel any future payments that you may have already established.

Can I transfer my online payment information (payees) from my previous bank to HSBC?
Unfortunately, that information cannot be transferred. With HSBC's FREE Bill Pay, setting up your payees is a simple process. Personal Internet Banking will store your new payee information so you'll only have to enter it once.

How do I transfer the direct deposit of my Social Security payment to my new HSBC account?
Call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or go to www.ssa.gov/deposit/howtosign.htm.

Is there a fee if my previous bank wires funds (my remaining balance) into my HSBC account?
Yes. You will be charged either $10 or $15, depending on your bank's location.

What number should I call if I have additional questions?
1-800-975-HSBC (4722) or TTY/TTD 1-800-898-5999

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