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Welcome to HSBC and Personal Internet Banking!

You didn't come here looking for a new best friend!

You didn't come here looking for a new best friend, but as a new HSBC customer, you might just find this bonus offer much more useful:

Get a $25* SuperCertificate® from GiftCertificates.com™ when you pay 3 bills using HSBC's Personal Internet Banking Bill Pay service by April 23, 2006.

The benefits of Personal Internet Banking are all yours!

  • View account balances and transactions
  • Transfer funds between HSBC and non-HSBC accounts
  • Pay bills online conveniently with our free Bill Pay service.
  • View statements online through our eStatements  service.
  • Free RecordCheck® service - we'll hold your posted checks for you!
  • Bank and pay bills online with confidence with our $0 Liability, Online Guarantee.

If you're not yet a Personal Internet Banking Bill Pay customer:

  1. Sign Up for the free Personal Internet Banking. Be sure to say 'Yes' to the free Bill Pay service so you can start paying your bills online.
  2. Once registered and using your Username and Password, log-in to Personal Internet Banking and select 'Pay Bills' to set up your payees and pay your bills.
  3. Pay three bills using the online Bill Pay service by April 23, 2006, and we'll send you a $25* SuperCertificate from GiftCertificates.com!

If you are already registered for Personal Internet Banking and Bill Pay, just log-in and pay 3 bills by April 23, 2006.

* To qualify, you must sign-up for Personal Internet Banking and Bill Pay and pay three bills online using the service by April 23, 2006. GiftCertificates.com will send a $25 SuperCertificate to eligible customers via U.S. mail within 4 - 6 weeks after the third bill is paid. Gift Certificates.com and SuperCertificate are registered trademarks of GiftCertificates.com located at www.giftcertificates.com.  HSBC is not affiliated with GiftCertificates.com.  You should read the privacy policy of GiftCertificates.com before providing information to accept the gift certificate offer.