Access your Form 1099-INT online

Go green and sign up for HSBC's free eStatements service and also gain access to your Form 1099–INT online:

Form 1099-INT

No more waiting for the mail when you're ready to do your taxes. HSBC clients signed up for eStatements can easily view and print their HSBC Form 1099-INT from the "eStatements" menu of Personal Internet Banking. You qualify to receive Form 1099-INT online if you have signed up for eStatements and earned at least $10.00 in interest income or had tax withheld for a particular tax year.

Free eStatement Features:

  • Ability to view, download or print the last 12 months of eligible HSBC statements online.
  • Receive email reminders whenever your new eStatements are available.
  • Help reduce paper usage and conserve resources.
  • Reduce risk of fraud by no longer receiving your HSBC statements in the mail.
  • View and print your eligible interest income Form 1099-INT conveniently, every year! Visit Form 1099-INT FAQ for more information.

Register for Free eStatements today! 
To start enjoying the convenience of online eStatements, simply logon to Personal Internet Banking and select "eStatements" from the menu to register for the free service.

And if you're not yet a Personal Internet Banking customer, you can register for the free services right from the Personal Internet Banking page.


* Form 1099-INT is a statement reporting to the IRS interest income you received on savings and investment accounts. HSBC eStatement customers will not receive Form 1099-INT in the mail unless specifically requested through a secure BankMail within Personal Internet Banking. Paper versions of Form 1099-INT will continue to be sent by mail for HSBC accounts that do not qualify for online Forms 1099.

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