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Certificate of Deposit (CD)

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Term CDs

A Term CD allows you to select a maturity date to obtain your funds in the future. You can apply online and receive the rate then in effect at funding, compounded daily, for the following CD term**:

3 Month
4 Month
6 Month
7 Month
8 Month
9 Month
11 Month
1 Year + 1 Day
13 Month
15 Month
2 Year

The CD Terms below can be opened at your local HSBC branch or by calling
1-800-975-HSBC (4722).

Term CDs - Other terms

The following CD Terms can be opened at your nearest HSBC branch:

1 - 3 Month
3 - 6 Month
6 - 9 Month
9 - 12 Month
1 - 2 Year
2 - 4 Year
4 - 10 Year

**The interest rates and Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) may change at any time in the Bank's discretion without prior notice, before any CD is opened online. CDs cannot be opened online before the application process is finalized and funded. Your account will receive the then current interest rate and APY in effect on the date it is opened and funded. See CD Terms and Charges Disclosure for more information.

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