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What is my Security Key? How do I enter it?

Your Security Key is not new.

However the method you use to enter your Security Key has changed.

In the past, after typing in your Password, you used your mouse to click on characters on a keyboard image. Those characters were your Security Key.

Now, you will only need to enter a few characters of your Security Key, as shown in the image below.
Each time you log-on, you will be prompted to type a different set of characters of your Security Key.

In the example below, the system is requesting only three characters. If your Security Key is ABCDE2345, you would enter "A' as the 1st character, "E" as the 5th character and "4" as the 2nd to the last character.

New Random Character Challenge for logging into HSBC Personal Internet Banking.


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Click on "Try it" if you want to practice what you need to enter.

Remember, your existing Username, Password, and Security Key remain the same, only the method you use to enter your Security Key has changed.

Give it a try!

For a trial run of the Security Key ABCDE2345, enter "A" as the first character, "E" as the fifth character, and "4" as the second-last character, then Submit.

Enter your Security Key
Please enter the first, fifth and second last characters of your security key.


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