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HSBC and our employees partner with a wide range of organizations to support the communities in which we live and work.

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With offices and branches in cities and towns across the country, we understand the importance of investing not only in the business community, but in the neighborhoods that fill its borders. Through our commitment to various community organizations, HSBC helps develop and preserve affordable housing, offer support to local businesses and entrepreneurs, and collaborate with these partners to make our neighborhoods safer and more vibrant. Our partnerships create opportunities for community members to enrich their lives and build a foundation for continued growth.

  • 210,000 individuals benefited by HSBC-funded community projects in 2011
  • $168 million in community development loans and investments for community services
  • Nearly 100 employees represent HSBC as board members for nonprofit organizations
  • $283 million in community development loans and investments for affordable housing

"HSBC shares our vision that strong neighborhoods are created by strengthening all parts of the community, especially those most vulnerable. Together, we have enabled hundreds of renters to become first-time homebuyers and thousands of households to gain access to community resources. HSBC also supports our college readiness and youth leadership programs, and our annual Community Development Conference."
Christopher Kui, Executive Director, Asian Americans for Equality

The federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was enacted to ensure that everyone, including people with low and moderate incomes and their neighborhoods, has access to credit and banking services. We are committed and focused on managing the resources that help put community reinvestment to work on a daily basis. Our goal is to always fully meet these requirements. We understand that credit is an essential part of peoples' daily lives and a key factor towards reaching financial goals. Our most recent CRA examination and rating can be found in our Community Reinvestment Act Performance Evaluation.

Case Studies

Doe Fund

The Doe Fund's mission is to help formerly homeless and incarcerated men achieve independence through its program Ready, Willing and Able (RWA). RWA's signature Resource Recovery Program trains these individuals to collect waste cooking oil from restaurants and offices from across the city and sell it to biofuel producers. HSBC supports these individuals as they work to change their financial futures while helping to improve New York City's environmental landscape.

View the full Doe Fund case study

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

With chapters across the country, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) helps connect local organizations and community leaders with resources to revitalize neighborhoods and improve quality of life. HSBC supports these initiatives by providing the necessary investments and funding that help communities implement local projects and access other critical project resources. Since 2001, we have given more than $1.9 million to LISC groups across the U.S.

View the full Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) case study

Chinatown Service Center (CSC)

For more than 40 years, the Chinatown Service Center (CSC) has been committed to providing outstanding services and advocacy that promote better quality of life and equal opportunity for immigrants, refugees, and others in need of assistance in their adjustment to American life. As the largest Chinese American health and human services organization in California, CSC primarily serves low to middle income individuals and families in the Northeast portion of Los Angeles and West San Gabriel Valley communities. Since 2001, HSBC has given $41,000 to provide general support to CSC's comprehensive programs, including its federally-qualified Community Health Center, workforce development resources, training for prospective small business owners and various family and community services. Beginning in 2010 our employees have conducted several financial literacy presentations for CSC constituents using HSBC's "Your Money Counts" financial literacy curriculum. With our help, CSC is able to fund existing programs and develop innovative new projects that meet the needs of the more than 10,000 clients it serves annually.

DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI)

DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI) aims to support children who live in the Kenilworth-Parkside neighborhood in Ward 7 of Northeast Washington, D.C. Their programs help students to complete their education, from cradle through college, and enter adulthood as productive members of their communities. Creating partnerships between schools, residents, businesses and service providers, DCPNI works to dramatically improve outcomes for the more than 2,000 children living in the area. HSBC's contributions of $35,000 help to fund programs and services, and provide volunteer opportunities and financial education to students. Through their relationship with HSBC, DCPNI has formed a partnership with Junior Achievement, offering entrepreneurial training to neighborhood youth.

NYC Green House

The NYC Green House program was originally developed by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) in partnership with the Community Preservation Corporation (CPC) and funding from HSBC. HSBC assisted with the development, outreach and marketing of information for multifamily building owners on energy, water, materials, recycling and community programs for maintaining healthy buildings and saving money by "going green." HPD estimates that the program will reach more than 1,000 multifamily buildings in the New York City Area.

South Florida Community Development Coalition (SFCDC)

Florida's community development sector has struggled to reach the levels of success achieved by their counterparts in many other states. The South Florida Community Development Coalition (SFCDC), a nonprofit membership organization, is dedicated to improving the performance of community developers as they create affordable housing and economic opportunities for low and moderate-income individuals in Miami-Dade County. SFCDC members work on a variety of strategies to strengthen neighborhoods, such as developing affordable housing for ownership and for rent, providing homebuyer education and foreclosure prevention counseling, providing training and lending to small business owners, and helping disadvantaged families achieve financial stability. Since 2009, HSBC has provided $44,000 to help SFCDC address challenges common across these neighborhoods. Specifically, our grants have helped SFCDC to provide training and capacity building opportunities to community developers, advocate for public policies that improve housing and economic opportunities, and establish a forum in which community organizations can share information and form partnerships.

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