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Application & Credit verification

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Once you've found a home in the United States that you'd like to purchase, applying for a mortgage and demonstrating that you can manage debt are among the first things you should do. HSBC has ways to make both easy.


If you are an HSBC Premier Client1, visit your local HSBC branch or call 866-503-4722 for a mortgage application. You'll receive priority processing. If you're new to HSBC, apply for a Premier relationship by visiting your local branch or calling 866-909-1269.

Credit verification

Providing your credit history is essential early on in the mortgage process. If you have an HSBC account, we can help speed and simplify the process by transferring your HSBC credit history2 to an HSBC branch in the U.S.

Documents you may need

A woman reviewing the list of documents required for Mortgage application

There are a number of documents that you must supply when applying for a mortgage in the United States, but keep in mind that the exact documents needed may vary in different parts of the country.

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In general, you will need verification for:

  • Your identity
  • Income
  • Employment
  • Assets

You should also have a real estate attorney review all contracts, and consult with a tax specialist because your tax liabilities may be different than those of a United States citizen.


Woman on top of building reviewing HSBC's mortgage pre-approval process.

When financing property in the United States, it's a good idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This basically means that a lender checks your financial background and determines how much money you are qualified to borrow and the interest rate you will pay.

If you have an HSBC account, we can save you time and effort by transferring your HSBC credit history to one of our branches in the United States.

An HSBC Pre-Approved Mortgage offers these advantages:

  • A written 90-day commitment
  • Additional leverage when negotiating with a seller
  • The ability to focus on homes in your price range
  • The security of knowing you'll receive a competitive rate

Closing on your U.S. home

Woman talking on phone representing home closing process in the U.S.

A real estate closing is when those involved in the sale of the property gather to sign final documents and settle all of the costs needed to transfer ownership of the property. The closing generally includes:

  • Sellers
  • Buyers
  • Seller's attorneys
  • Buyer's attorneys
  • The bank
  • The insurance official

Once you've closed on the property, you should have the new title, title insurance, and most importantly, keys to your new home.

Closing costs

Closing costs can include recording taxes, attorney's fees, the sales commission, title insurance, bank fees, and other fees. Use this tool to calculate your closing costs.

Calculate costs

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1 To qualify for an HSBC Premier relationship, you need to open an HSBC Premier checking account and maintain $100,000 in combined U.S. personal deposit and investment balances. Business owners may use their commercial balances to qualify for a personal Premier relationship. A monthly maintenance fee of $50.00 will be incurred if minimum balance requirements are not maintained. Premier customers need combined personal deposit and investment balances of at least $100,000 USD or equivalent at HSBC (in the U.S. or home country) to be eligible for Premier Deluxe Mortgages. To be eligible for Premier Deluxe Mortgages, the Premier account must be funded before the closing of the mortgage.

2 Portable HSBC credit history is not available in all countries. Speak to a Premier Relationship Manager to determine in which countries this benefit is available.

Discounts and loan amount depend on specific program and may require certain Premier balances, reserves, equity and automatic payment from a Premier Checking account.

United States persons are subject to U.S. taxation on their worldwide income and may be subject to tax and other filing obligations with respect to their U.S. and non-U.S. accounts.

Mortgage and home equity products are offered in the U.S. by HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Subject to credit approval. Borrowers must meet program qualifications. Programs are subject to change. Geographic and other restrictions may apply. Discounts can be cancelled or are subject to change at any time and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

Deposit products offered in the U.S. through HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Member FDIC.

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†† Investments, Annuity and Insurance Products:

To qualify for an HSBC Premier relationship, you are required to:

  • Open an HSBC Premier checking account and
  • Maintain $100,000 in combined US personal deposit and investment balances

Clients who maintain the minimum balance avoid a monthly maintenance fee of $50.

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