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At HSBC1, we help nurture your business by understanding your unique needs and tailoring solutions to meet them.

There’s nothing more personal than owning a business.

Welcome to HSBC Business Banking.

Tap into an array of business products and services.

With our global reach, local knowledge, and range of financial resources, HSBC stands uniquely positioned to help you open doors to new possibilities. It’s our goal to help you go farther – as far as your inspiration and aspirations can take you.

Everyday banking

We share your passion. And we back it up by providing checking and savings options to help make each and every day a success.

Specialized deposit account services

Time is the biggest investment in any growing business. We take the time to ensure you’re taking advantage of everything HSBC has to offer, whether you’re doing business locally, nationally, or halfway across the world.

Pay your way

Our Debit and Credit Cards are excellent cash management solutions for wherever your business opportunities take you or your employees.

Finance for the future

No matter what drives your business, HSBC is dedicated to helping it reach its full potential. Our financing options can help you maximize working capital to fund your growth.

Cash management solutions

You put your heart and soul into your business. We have the products and services to keep the heart of your business and the cash flow going strong.

HSBC Insurance Agency (USA), Inc. solutions for businesses

HSBC Insurance Agency (USA), Inc.2 has a variety of solutions designed to help protect your business and your key people.

  • Business Checking

    Unlock your business’ potential and tap into our business banking expertise. HSBC checking rewards you for banking more efficiently:

    • Low monthly fee waived with minimum monthly balance
    • Dedicated business customer service line
    • Access to HSBC’s online banking platform, HSBCnet3
    • Debit MasterCard BusinessCard® for purchasing flexibility, convenience, and safety
    Business Savings

    A savings account is an essential resource in managing your business. With higher returns for higher balances, the more money you put in, the more you earn:

    • Moderate minimum balance requirement
    • Easy access to your funds
    Business CDs

    Invest any surplus funds you may have for a period of time:

    • Choose the term that best fits your needs — as little as seven days up to ten years
    • Funds are easily accessible at maturity
  • Escrow Account

    Manage, safeguard, and segregate the assets of your clients or beneficiaries:

    • A safe and convenient escrow account designed to meet the needs of attorneys, funeral directors, real estate managers, and others who need a central control account with client sub-accounts for fiduciary accounting
    • Make deposits into sub accounts
    • Write checks from the control account
    • Detailed monthly statements display transaction activity for the control account and each client’s account
    Interest on Lawyer Accounts

    IOLA / IOLTA accounts are available exclusively to attorneys and law firms to deposit clients’ funds:

    • View your balances and transaction history
    • Service charges are deducted from the interest with no depletion of principal
    • Automatic transfer of accrued interest to State and/or District
  • HSBC Debit MasterCard BusinessCard®

    With our Debit card, there’s no need to write checks, carry cash, or use personal funds for business purposes. All purchases are deducted directly from your HSBC checking account:

    • No finance charges
    • Make purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted
    • Cards are branded with your company name
    HSBC MasterCard BusinessCard® Credit Card4

    Use our HSBC MasterCard BusinessCard® Credit Card for business expenses and you’ll have accurate records of company expenses on hand:

    • Credit line limits based on financial score
    • Individual spending limits available for each designated user
    • Year–end summary report
    • Cards are branded with your company name
    • Optional HSBC MasterCard BusinessCard® Rewards Program5
      • Earn one Point for every dollar spent in new, net purchases
      • Client has the option to appoint a Program Administrator to manage their card program
      • Points can be redeemed for: domestic airline tickets with no blackout dates or Saturday night stay requirements, hotel accommodations, and car rentals
  • Lines Of Credit6

    We offer lines of credit with flexible repayment terms to cover working capital and acquisitions:

    • Allows qualified borrowers to take advantage of supplier discounts or unexpected opportunities
    • Rates: floating based on HSBC Prime7
    Term Loans8

    If you’re ready to expand your business, we can help facilitate the right term and loan amount to finance leasehold improvements, property acquisition, investments in technology, expansion, and other long–term objectives:

    • Flexible repayment schedules can match cash flow
    • Rates: fixed or floating based on HSBC Prime7
    Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

    Whether you’re looking to start, build, or grow your business, HSBC’s SBA Loan Programs are a smart solution. To learn more, please speak with our specialists.

  • Merchant Services

    In today’s convenience–driven world, we can help you accept various payment choices:

    • Installation of terminals
    • Lower your discounts if you already accept cards for payments
    • Maximize your cash flow by linking your HSBC Business checking account to provide next business day funding availability

    Access our global internet banking platform to conduct transactions and obtain real–time information, at any time, no matter where in the world you are. Our portal provides:

    • Single sign–on access to a wide range of services and reports
    • Ability to make payments in US dollars or foreign currencies through all major payment systems
    • Up–to–the–minute foreign exchange rates for international payments using our Get Rate service
    • End–to–end security
    • HSBCnet mobile app gives you access to your banking in the palm of your hand
    Accounts Payable Management
    • Positive Pay with Check Fraud Prevention
    • Electronic Payment Authorization (EPA) to protect your accounts from unauthorized ACH debits/credits
    • Wire Transfers
    • Controlled Disbursement to eliminate guesswork in funding for check payments
    Accounts Receivable Management
    • Easy Lockbox offers a low cost wholesale lockbox solution to our customers with high value payments and low mail volume (300 payments or less per month)
  • Key Person Insurance

    The specialized knowledge and skills of key employees are more vital to business success than ever before. Life insurance on a key employee can be a cost effective means of providing funding to help a business to recover in the unfortunate event of the employee’s passing.

    • Protect one of your most valuable assets – people
    • Policy death benefits are available to assist in all aspects of replacing the key employee, such as recruitment, training, impact on profits, and more
    Succession Planning

    If you are not a sole business owner, it’s important to know your business can be protected upon occurrence of certain events such as retirement, disability, and death of a co–owner. We can help you stay ahead of the curve with a buy/sell agreement — a binding contract9 between business partners that defines who can purchase a departing owner’s share of the business and establishes what price will be paid for that share. The agreement is designed to help:

    • Protect against unwanted owners entering the business
    • Create an immediate market for a business owner’s interests at death
    • Provide funds for heirs to continue the business and/or pay estate taxes attributable to the business upon the owner’s death
    • Reduce the risk of disputes with the IRS over the correct value of the business in the owner’s taxable estate

    Buy/Sell Agreements often use an insurance policy as their primary funding vehicle.

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HSBC Bank USA, N.A. (“HSBC”) is a member of the HSBC Group of affiliates. Certain products and services may not be offered by the local HSBC affiliate in every country.


Investment and certain insurance products, including annuities, are offered by HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. (HSI), member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC. In California, HSI conducts insurance business as HSBC Securities Insurance Services. License #: OE67746. HSI is an affiliate of HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Whole life, universal life and term life are provided by unaffiliated third parties and are offered through Insurance Agents of HSBC Insurance Agency (USA) Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Products and services may vary by state and are not available in all states. California license #: OD36843. Investments, Annuity and Insurance Products: Are not a deposit or other obligation of the bank or any of its affiliates; Not FDIC insured or insured by any federal government agency of the United States; Not guaranteed by the bank or any of its affiliates; and subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal invested. All decisions regarding the tax implications of your investment(s) should be made in connection with your independent tax advisor.


HSBCnet services provided in the United States by HSBC Bank USA, N.A. HSBCnet features and functionality may vary by country. Subject to U.S. sanction regulations. HSBCnet Mobile services are not available in connection with HSBCnet profiles in all countries and are subject to phone provider capabilities.


Introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) fixed for six months from opening and will increase thereafter. Offer applies to new accounts only and is subject to credit approval.


Additional fees may apply.


The Line of Credit is subject to credit approval, your continued creditworthiness and compliance with terms and conditions of the line.


Floating interest rates are determined by adding the applicable spread to the HSBC Prime Rate. The HSBC Prime Rate is the rate publicly announced by HSBC Bank USA, N.A. as its Prime Rate and is subject to change.


Term Loans are subject to credit approval and applicable terms and conditions.


Please consult with a legal and/or accounting professional for additional information on buy/sell agreements.

MasterCard® and the MasterCard brand mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Deposit products are offered in the U.S. by HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Member FDIC.

†† Investments, Annuity and Insurance Products:


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