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Your voice is your password.

Moving at the speed of life. Yours.

Welcome to Voice ID.

At HSBC, we're committed to making banking faster, easier and safer.

Voice ID makes banking over the phone more efficient and secure by turning your voice into your password.

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How is it faster and easier?

Now use your voice to authenticate yourself when you call HSBC. No longer will you need to remember your PIN or Telephone Access Code each time you call in to telephone banking. With Voice ID, you can gain immediate access to your accounts by entering your account, card or Social Security number and simply saying "My voice is my password."

Voice ID analyzes your voice in seconds – checking over 100 behavioral and physical vocal traits, from your pronunciation to the tone and pattern of your voice.


How is it safer?

Fraudsters and hackers may be able to steal or guess your passwords, but they can't replicate your voice as we measure the mechanics of how sounds are produced, rather than the sounds themselves. Voice ID is sensitive and sophisticated enough to detect if someone is impersonating you or playing a recording – and recognize you, even if you have a cold or sore throat.

Signing up for Voice ID is as easy as using it.

Call 844-VOICE-ID (844.864.2343) to enroll.

Call 844-VOICE-ID (844.864.2343) to enroll.

Authenticate yourself by entering your account credentials.

Create a unique Voice ID by saying "My voice is my password" in any of the below languages 3 to 5 times:

  • English: "My voice is my password"
  • English: "My voice is my password"

You're all set! Use your new Voice ID the next time you call!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voice ID and how does it work?

The Voice ID technology is a speaker authentication technology that captures a voice sample from a live caller, compares it to a previously stored voiceprint, and produces a confidence score of how closely the caller's voice sample matches the voiceprint. A voiceprint includes more than 100 unique physical and behavioral characteristics of a person such as length of the vocal tract, nasal passage, and pitch, cadence, accent, etc. Independent research has shown that a voiceprint is unique to an individual, just as a fingerprint is.

What is the benefit of Voice ID?

Voice ID makes identifying yourself easier and enhances your security. Successful Voice ID eliminates the need for entering PINs or answering additional security questions, making it possible for you to speak a simple phrase to identify yourself.

What about the security and privacy of Voice ID?

Voice ID technology's security is among the strongest in the industry. Voice ID technology is less susceptible to fraud threats that affect more traditional methods of authentication such as PINs and passwords. The system does not store an actual recording of a voice but reduces it to a voiceprint computer code. We respect your privacy including your voiceprint. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

What if I have a cold?

Normal fluctuations in a person's voice won't cause Voice ID to fail. If you have a cold or your voice changes over the years, the system will adapt to these changes and will be able to identify you by using over 100 characteristics of your voice. However, if someone has a severe physical ailment which causes an inability or impediment to speech, you may continue to identify yourself as you do today by entering account details such as account number and telephone access code as an example.

What if someone recorded a voice, then played it back to a phone and pretended to be that person?
Could this fool the system?

HSBC has several measures in place to ensure that the system is not breached by a recorded playback of a person's voice. Our technology is able to quickly flag whether the spoken voice coming into the system is recorded or live, or whether speakers have changed.

What about an impersonator? Or identical twins? Could they easily trick the system?

There are more than 100 characteristics being measured when it comes to evaluating someone's voice and matching it against a voiceprint – unique to each person. This includes both physical characteristics – the size and shape of the larynx or nasal cavity, for example – and behavioral characteristics – rhythm of speech, intonation, accent, etc. While behaviors can be easily mimicked, physical voice characteristics cannot, and this prevents impersonators or identical twins from "tricking" the system. HSBC has a number of protocols in place to ensure highly accurate matching of a person's voice against their unique voiceprint.

Must be 18 years or older to enroll in Voice ID.

†† Investments, Annuity and Insurance Products:


Estamos aquí para servirle. Si necesita ayuda en español o inglés, comuníquese con nosotros sin costo alguno al número 888.433.4722. Para llamadas por cobrar fuera de Estados Unidos, comuníquese al número 716.841.4288.


我們隨時為您提供協助。需要廣東話或英語服務,請撥 800.711.8001(北美洲境內免費長途電話)或 716.841.6989(美國以外地區可採用對方付費方式致電)。


我们随时为您提供帮助。需要普通话或英语服务,请拨 800.711.8001(北美洲境内免费长途电话)或 716.841.6989(美国以外地区可采用对方付费方式致电)。

Other Languages

We're here to help. For service in any other languages, call us today toll-free at 800.975.4722. If you are calling from outside the U.S. or Canada, please call us collect at 716.841.7212.

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