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HSBC’s Beyond Banking

HSBC’s Beyond Banking is designed to help you decode the increasingly complex world of managing your money. Here, we bring modern perspectives on achieving your financial goals beyond the bank, from new trends in technology and financial tools, to strategies, numbers and the everyday financial tensions many face as told by real people.


We seek external voices with unique opinions, expertise and ideas on the challenges that are top of mind when it comes to: Managing Your Money, Home MattersYour Career, or Thriving in the U.S.

Managing Your Money

More and more experts predict that autonomous vehicles are the way of the future. How much is this life-changing technology going to cost you? 

Creative ways to pad your bank account while still enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Research shows people who spend money on experiences rather than material items are happier. Here’s how to afford the dream vacation that might change your life.  

$12 smoothies and $40 spin classes – why it’s worth investing in yourself. 

Ways to spend money to save you precious time.

Nearly one in four millennials hide spending from their partner – why this phenomenon is more common than you think.

The rise of personal finance apps may mean that you’re better able to track spending. Here’s how to use them to your advantage. 

Living your life on credit is something of which to be proud. Here’s how to do it right.

The rise of smart home devices are changing our dwellings for good – how are they going to impact your family’s lives and budget?

Home Matters

A stronger job market and a rise in home prices have helped Gen Xers build enough equity to trade up to a larger home. But exactly who are they buying these houses for?

Millennials are moving back home at unpredecented rates, but many families lack a financial plan for what to do during the boomerang phase. How would you tackle this financial hurdle? 

62% of parents of high school students said paying tuition would mean “significant financial sacrifices.” What’s a well-meaning family to do? Get creative. 

How to get your finances in order when making major life changes. 

Thousands of American parents-to-be are using sites to raise money to take unpaid time off from work. Would you consider it for your family?

Your Career

Whether it’s with Lyft, Task Rabbit or Airbnb, millions of Americans are making money through the gig economy. Here’s how a “side hustle” can boost your retirement savings.

Nine out of 10 founders said it’s a good time to be starting a company – does that mean it’s the right move for you?

While a gap year was once the domain of teens toggling between high school and university, adults are increasingly jumping on the bandwagon of this much-needed “time out.” Here’s what to consider. 

Thriving in the U.S.

There are plenty of pros and cons to consider if you want to work abroad, which can help you decide if an overseas job is the adventure you’re looking for.

Housing, utilities, books, food, entertainment. How to adjust your finances to pay for life as a student.

Online research isn't usually the best answer for finding a new place to rent.  An expert weighs in on housing needs for newcomers.

Moving to a new country can present different challenges for expatriates and their families.

(Published on The Guardian 3/22/2018) The immigration journey of Simone Tong, owner of Little Tong Noodle Shop 

(Published on The Guardian 3/20/2018) The immigration journey of AnnaLaura Arredondo, USC chemical engineering student 

(Published on The Guardian 3/22/2018) The immigration journey of Olga Yakovlev, special education teacher 

(Published on The Guardian 3/13/2018) The immigration journey of Marcus East, CTO of National Geographic 

(Published on The Guardian 3/8/2018) The breakdown: a snapshot of modern immigration

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