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Flash mob promotes #PayFaster with tap & go®

The Bank credits interest to your deposit account monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or at maturity, depending on what kind of deposit account you have. Credited interest will show on your statement. Interest on checking, savings and CDs can be credited to another HSBC checking or savings account you specify.

HSBC is the first bank to offer contactless payments across all cards in the US.

Three dozen tap dancers took over the sidewalk in front of our flagship branch on Fifth Avenue in New York to get the message out about how you can #PayFaster with all of our credit cards. We’ve had quick, secure, contactless tap & go® payment technology since 2015 but not many people know about it.

“Even though we’re one of the few US banks with a complete contactless card portfolio, most of our customers are completely unaware that their cards can be used this way,” said Nancy Armand, SVP, Head of Portfolio Management, RBWM.

So, we went dancing in the streets to let you know there’s a simpler way to make everyday purchases.


An easier way to get around the city

New York City runs the biggest and busiest public transportation system in North America so it made sense when they rolled out OMNY, a contactless payment system that makes it easier for riders to pay for fares.

There’s a growing number of subway lines and buses in New York and around the world that are offering this kind of tap-and-pay option.

This means that you can simply tap your HSBC Credit Card and get on your way a lot faster without fumbling around with cash or wondering if you’ve refilled your MetroCard.


Your card never leaves your hand

Thousands of merchants accept contactless payments and you can use your HSBC card wherever you see the contactless symbol at restaurants, grocery stores, the mall, pharmacies, and more.

What makes tap & go® so secure is that when you use it, your card never leaves your hand.

It’s also faster and easier than inserting or swiping your card so, if it isn’t already there, you may find yourself keeping your HSBC card at the top of your wallet.


Pay instantly – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

“Consumers are telling their banks to make this stuff easier and we’re listening,” said Pablo Sanchez, Head of RBWM in the US and Canada.

Tap & go® is really simple to use.

The next time you’re racing through a subway turnstile or making a quick pit stop for a coffee on your way to work just remember Place, Hold, and Done:

  1. Place – Place your HSBC credit card close to the contactless payment terminal
  2. Hold – Briefly hold your card until payment is confirmed with a green light or a beeping sound.
  3. Done – Follow any prompts on the screen, and you're done!


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