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Report Fraud

Report Fraud now!

Report Fraud Now!



Suspect fraudulent use of your HSBC account, credit or debit card? Call the phone number on your statement or on the back of your credit or debit card.




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Report Fraud

For HSBC customers

If you suspect a fraudulent transaction involving an HSBC account, credit or debit card, you should immediately call the phone number on your monthly account statement or on the back of your credit/debit card.

To help us help you, please have your account information available, including specific details concerning the suspected fraud.


For Non-HSBC customers

If you do NOT have an account with HSBC but suspect fraudulent activity involving HSBC, for example: a) you believe an HSBC account was opened in your name, b) you spot HSBC on your credit report but have not applied for credit with us, c) you've received a suspicious email or phone call purporting to be from HSBC, d) any other suspicious activity related to HSBC, please call HSBC Security Center at 877.826.8684 to report it.

What to do if you're a victim of fraud

It's important to report fraud as soon as possible to limit unauthorized transactions and minimize the time it takes to correct your credit reports. You should also take the following steps:

1. Place a fraud alert on your credit report by calling one of the national credit bureaus below.

  Experian  888.397.3742
Equifax  800.525.6285
       Trans Union  800.680.7289


2. Close any accounts associated with fraudulent activity.

3. File a police report. This often makes dealing with recipients of your stolen checks or unauthorized purchases easier.

Protection from Fraud & Identity Theft

HSBC works hard year round to protect your personal information. We stay vigilant, identifying threats and investigating suspicious activity across all your accounts.

If we identify that your information has been compromised, we act promptly. We’ll contact you directly and take the necessary steps to help safeguard your banking information.

Learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft.

We're here to help you. Find the answers and while you're at it, tell us how we could do better.