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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Request Form

In order to comply with your Data Subject request, please complete the following information. Upon receipt of your request, we will respond within 45 days. Some exceptions apply. For more information, please visit CCPA FAQ’s.

 * Indicates required fields

Is this request for yourself or another Data Subject (i.e. California resident whose personal data is being requested)?

HSBC will require verification that you are authorized to make the request on behalf of the Data Subject.

The next questions all relate to details of the subject of the request (“Data Subject”), which is you (if you are making the request for yourself) or the other individual (if you are making the request on behalf of someone else).

Has the Data Subject ever held an account with HSBC?
(Please provide the date(s) HSBC account was active or if the Data Subject is a current account holder)
Has the Data Subject ever been an employee of HSBC?
Preferred method of receiving HSBC’s response
Please format as (###) ###-####

Alternate / previous address that might help us identify the Data Subject in our systems. Examples include:

  • An address used for HSBC Account (if different than current California Residential Address)
  • Previous residential / business address
Enter HSBC Reference ID associated with a previous CCPA request.

By clicking submit, you will be taken to a page confirming that your information has been submitted.  If you do not receive this confirmation page, please contact us.

To exercise rights under CCPA, do one of the following:

  • Reply electronically by filling out the above referenced form and clicking submit.
  • Call this toll-free number: +1 (855) 630-4174 and follow the prompts to be routed to our centralized call-center team to handle your request.
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Thanks for requesting your data

We will reply within 45 days.

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