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The deposit and credit card application requires the following personal information:

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of birth – You must be 18 years of age (19 in NE and AL for credit cards only)
  • U.S. telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Employment information
  • Current U.S. residential address (Credit card offers void in WI)
  • U.S. residential address for the past one year (deposit only)
  • Your bank account and routing number in order to electronically fund your new account (deposit only)
  • Meet the requirements to complete a Form W-9 Tax Certification (deposit only)

If you don't have a Social Security Number or have a military address or non-U.S. residential address, please call 800.975.4722. 

Yes, you can apply for an account online as long as you are at least 18 years of age, have a Social Security Number, currently have a U.S. residential address/phone number, and have had U.S. residency for the past one year. In addition to the required standard documentation you must meet the requirements to complete an IRS Form W-9 Tax (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) for deposit applications. 

If you don't meet these requirements you can call us at 800.975.4722 to speak with a specialist in the Customer Relationship Center or visit your local HSBC branch.

If you have information on hand, the application should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. A joint application will take additional time. If you’re an existing Personal Internet Banking customer, you can take advantage of our shortened application for existing customers.

The security of your personal information and your online banking transactions are of utmost importance to HSBC. We maintain strict security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to your information, including 128-Bit SSL Encryption, Internal Systems Encryption, and Firewalls. Visit HSBC's Security & Fraud Center for additional information.

After you’ve completed the application you will receive an ‘Application Status’ notice by email, which will give you directions on how to proceed. To make sure you get this email, check your spam filters and that emails from aren’t blocked. 

You may need to send additional documentation, if needed. Once we receive all necessary documents and are able to verify your information, we’ll contact you by email to let you know your account has been opened.

Existing HSBC customers can log on and view your new HSBC accounts online. If you’re new to HSBC, and requested Personal Internet Banking access within the application, your Welcome email will provide directions on how to complete registration. If you didn’t select Personal Internet Banking within the application, you can register now. 

Yes, you can apply for a joint checking, savings and certificate of deposit account online. Just select the product you’re interested in from the ‘Banking’ tab at the top of your screen. When you’re ready to apply, click the ‘Apply now’ button. Once you’re in the application, click the ‘Joint’ option located on the first page. 

Once your account is open, and provided do not already have a combination of existing and individual accounts, you can add a joint account holder to a checking or savings account. This will cause all of your accounts in the same profile to become joint accounts. If you do not wish to change all of your accounts, you may open a new joint account by visiting our website and applying for the new account. 

If you are located in the United States or Canada and you wish to proceed with adding a joint account holder to a checking or savings account, you may do so by calling 855.472.0882. Representatives are available 8:30am-4:15pm ET Monday through Friday. The following requirements must be met:    

  • Both you and the joint applicant need to call together
  • The joint applicant must have a Social Security number
  • Note: The primary customer must have a social security number in order for the secondary to be added to the account over the phone
  • The joint applicant must have a U.S. residential address
  • The joint applicant must have a valid government issued ID


If the joint applicant doesn’t meet the above requirements, please visit a local branch together to complete the application.

Please note: A joint account holder can't be added to a Certificate of Deposit (CD) once the account is open. To apply for a joint CD, you may apply for a new account by visiting our website or at your local HSBC branch.

HSBC Direct Savings and HSBC Direct Checking accounts are unable to be opened in a branch. If you need a joint account, please complete a new online application

Once your application has been submitted, we may reach out to you within 48 business hours if additional information is required. Upon review, you will receive an email with the status of your application.

When you apply for an account, government regulations require that we ask for identification such as address, date of birth and Social Security Number to verify your identity. This information is not used for any other purpose. 

If you don't have a Social Security Number, you can still open an account, but we won't be able to accept an application online. Instead, you can go to your local branch to open an account.

You can complete your initial deposit, during your application by using either Trial Deposit verification or providing your logon credentials for your non-HSBC bank account, and we’ll verify you in real time. 

If we're unable to verify your account through either of these methods, we will be unable to open the account online and the application will be declined. 

It takes about three business days for an electronic opening deposit to be credited to your account.

Depending on the method of funding, your approval status, and whether we have received all necessary information, your account will be opened within two business days.  We will update you by email on the process of your account opening. 

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