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Wire Transfers

A secure and convenient way to send money abroad

Limited-time Indian Rupee Offer

Take advantage of our limited-time Indian Rupee Offer1 and send funds to India for less.

Offer ends March 31, 2021

  • Discounted spread when sending funds in Indian Rupees

  • Outgoing Wire Fee Waived for Advance & Personal Banking customers

The INR Offer is a flat spread of 0.40% which is included in the foreign exchange rate quoted. Minimum transfer amount is the equivalent of US$100.1

Looking to transfer money?

Our secure service makes it easy to send2 and receive3 International Wire Transfers  in up to 14 currencies using your eligible accounts4. Look no further than your own bank to send funds to family and friends, manage a property and more.

  • Flexible & Convenient

    o    24/7 availability via Personal Internet Banking

    o    Easily set up future dated and recurring payments 

  • Exchange Rate Certainty

    o   Live exchange rates updated frequently during market hours

  • Safe & Secure

    Authentication from your HSBC Security Device is required when transferring via Personal Internet Banking for added protection

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HSBC International Wire Transfer

How to make an International Wire Transfer

  • Log on to Personal Internet Banking with a Security Code generated from your HSBC Security Device
  • Click the 'My HSBC' tab, then 'Pay or transfer' under the 'Move Money' section
  • Select the account you wish to make the transfer from, then click on 'New Payee' tab
  • Enter wire transfer details and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Review and Confirm your transfer details

In Branch:

  • Please bring the following with you when making an International Wire Transfer in one of our branches:
  • Photographic Identification
  • Beneficiary details
  • Wire transfer details

Receiving a wire transfer2

You can receive International Wire Transfers in a foreign currency or U.S. Dollars. If a wire transfer is received in a different currency to what your account is held in, we'll convert it using the HSBC Exchange Rate at that time, before crediting it to your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1 HSBC’s Indian Rupee (INR) Offer (“INR Offer”) is available to customers who have an Eligible U.S. Deposit account with HSBC Bank USA, N.A. The offer is available from October 20, 2020 through and including March 31, 2021 (“Offer Period”).  

The INR Offer is valid only for Eligible Outgoing International Transfers in INR from an Eligible U.S. Deposit account. Minimum transfer amount is the equivalent of US$100. The INR Offer is a flat spread of 0.40% which is included in the foreign exchange rate. Spreads are incorporated as part of the foreign exchange rate disclosed to the customer at the time of the transaction. Spreads are added on to the foreign exchange rates available to HSBC Bank USA, N.A. by its foreign exchange provider. For applicable transfer fees and exchange rates, please refer to the Pre-Payment and Receipt Disclosures received at the time of your wire transaction. HSBC outgoing wire fees for HSBC Advance and Personal Banking customers will be waived for INR transfers during the Offer Period.

Eligible Outgoing International Transfers are outgoing transfers using Global Transfers, International Wire Transfers, and Global Money Account transfers. Eligible U.S. Deposit accounts include all consumer deposit accounts except for CDs and Commercial Accounts. Global Transfers are only available for HSBC Premier (which includes HSBC Jade) and HSBC Advance clients and are not available in all countries. Foreign currency exchange rates and local country limitations may apply. Transfers from HSBC accounts from outside the U.S. may be subject to transfer fees. Personal Internet Banking is required to access Global View and Global Transfers. Access to U.S. Personal Internet Banking through Global View from outside the U.S. may be limited. The maximum outbound and inbound Global Transfers limit for U.S. HSBC accounts is $200,000 per transaction and per day. Other countries may have local limit restrictions. Check with your destination country for limit information.

All promotional offers, products and services offered by HSBC are subject to updates, modifications and/or termination by HSBC. 

HSBC Jade customers will receive the same preferential spread currently available in Global Transfers today. 

Please see below:

Transfer Amount Spreads*
$1-$49,999.99 0.40%
$50,000-$99,999.99 0.30%
$100,000-$200,000 0.20%

Please see below:

Transfer Amount $1-$49,999.99
Spreads* 0.40%
Transfer Amount $50,000-$99,999.99
Spreads* 0.30%
Transfer Amount $100,000-$200,000
Spreads* 0.20%

*Spreads listed above are only available for HSBC Jade customers and applicable to Global Transfers sent in a non-USD denominated currency. These Spreads are not applicable to incoming Global Transfers.

2 Incoming wire transfers may be subject to fees from HSBC and non-HSBC financial institutions. Please check your account terms and charges for further details. HSBC is not responsible for these charges

3 For applicable transfer fees, please refer to the Pre-Payment and Receipt Disclosures received at the time of your wire transaction.

4 Eligible accounts include all deposit accounts except for CDs and Commercial Accounts

5 If the payment order for your transfer (domestic or international remittance) includes an incorrect account number or recipient institution identifier, you could lose the transfer amount.

6 Federal Reserve Reg D Transaction Limitations apply.

United States persons are subject to U.S. taxation on their worldwide income and may be subject to tax and other filing obligations with respect to their U.S. and non-U.S. accounts. U.S. persons should consult a tax adviser for more information.

Deposit products are offered in the U.S. by HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Member FDIC.

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