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Your Money Counts

The HSBC Bank Your Money Counts financial capability program is designed to help individuals or families better understand various components of effective money management.

The components of the Your Money Counts program include the following workbooks, ideally used after participating in an HSBC in-person workshop, but available to anyone interested in learning more on these topics: 

  • Make Your Money Count - Budgeting Basics
  • Credit - Steps for Building Credit
  • Identity Theft - Protect Your Information

For more in-depth discussions on these topics, HSBC has teamed up with a reputable nonprofit financial wellness organization, GreenPath Financial Wellness. 

Your individual situation can be reviewed at no-cost by calling 866.692.2659 or visiting


Understanding how to build credit and how to use it wisely, can help you achieve many important financial and life goals.


In this workbook you will learn about:

  • Credit – What is it, what is it used for, how to build it and why it is important 
  • Credit reporting – How to obtain and read your report, how credit reporting works and how to dispute inaccuracies
  • Credit scores – What are they based on, how lenders use them, how they impact the cost of borrowing and how you can improve your score.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone gains unauthorized access to your personally identifying information – such as your name, Social Security Number (SSN), or bank account information – and uses it to commit fraud or other crimes.

In this workbook you will learn:

  • What is identity theft
  • How thieves use your information
  • How does identity theft occur
  • How to recover
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