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Equities and exchange traded funds

Investment solutions that offer potential growth from market price appreciation, but may experience market volatility and loss of principal.

What are equities and ETFs?

Equities[@equitysecurities] represent ownership stakes in corporations. Typical equities may include common stock, preferred stock, foreign equities and closed-end funds.

An ETF[@etfs] - or exchange traded fund - is a collection of securities, such as equities, bonds or options, that are bought and sold in real-time like a stock on a stock exchange. Most ETFs are not actively managed, but instead are designed to track an index. In general, the expense ratios of ETFs are relatively low. Like equities, an ETF’s price may fluctuate intraday based on demand.

Both equities and ETFs can offer potential growth from market price appreciation. However, they are subject to market volatility and therefore open to market price risk and potential loss of principal.

Why choose equities or ETFs?

Low-cost fund management for ETFs

With ETFs, the expense ratios (the annual rate the fund charges) are relatively low.

Potential for market price increases

Both equities and ETFs offer the possibility of  growth from market price appreciation.

Opportunity to generate cashflow

Some equities and ETFs may pay out dividends, potentially giving investors an opportunity to generate cashflow.

Things to know

Who can apply?

Anyone with the appropriate risk tolerance and time horizon can invest in equities and ETFs with HSBC Securities (USA), Inc. However, it’s important to remember there are risks associated with investing and you may experience volatility or losses.


Some ETFs are available to US persons only, while others are available to non-US persons only.


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Additional information

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    Investments, Annuity and Insurance Products: Are not a deposit or other obligation of the bank or any of its affiliates; Not FDIC insured or insured by any federal government agency; Not guaranteed by the bank or any of its affiliates; and subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal invested.

    All decisions regarding the tax implications of your investment(s) should be made in connection with your independent tax advisor.

    Research backgrounds of brokers and firms for free by visiting FINRA's BrokerCheck website.

    United States persons are subject to U.S. taxation on their worldwide income and may be subject to tax and other filing obligations with respect to their U.S. and non-U.S. accounts. U.S. persons should consult a tax adviser for more information.

    Environmental, Social & Governance (“ESG”) and Sustainable Investing (“SI”)

    HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. (“HSI”) does not provide recommendations or advice on any products based on ESG or SI considerations except in certain discretionary solutions or based on HSBC Group’s* policies. Customers can purchase ESG/SI related products on our platform on a self-directed basis. For our general ESG/SI disclosure, click Disclosures- HSBC. Information about HSBC Group’s approach to Sustainability can be found at Our climate strategy | HSBC Holdings plc.

    *HSBC Group refers to HSBC’s global affiliates.