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Protecting what matters

As we've established, insurance can help to protect you from almost any risk you face in life. Deciding what to protect with insurance is a matter of personal choice. It’s a question of reflecting on what's important, both to you personally and for the people you love.

Here's a reminder of the main points:

  • You can use insurance to protect yourself, the things you love and the people you love.
  • Your protection needs change, so be prepared to review what protection you have in place at various stages of your life.
  • Consider making a will, and other steps you can take to protect a spouse or partner, children, or other loved ones.
  • Getting to grips with some of the terms used in the insurance industry will help you to buy appropriate insurance products for your needs.
  • Building emergency savings can help to protect you from unexpected costs.
  • Money and mental health are linked, so remember that looking after yourself involves more than just your physical health.
  • Identity theft and fraud is on the rise, so keep your personal details secure, and learn what to do if you become a victim of identity fraud.
HSBC has created the YourMoneyCounts financial wellness program which is presented by HSBC staff to the community in a classroom setting. Participant workbooks covering Budgeting, Credit, and Identity Theft and a budgeting worksheet are found through the YourMoneyCount link above. This program was created in partnership with the national nonprofit Greenpath Financial Wellness,  and they provide free individualized support focused on your personal situation and financial wellness.