HSBC Money Management Tools1 FAQs

What are the Money Management Tools?

Money Management Tools brings virtually all your personal online account information together in one place. You can view HSBC2 accounts as well as your other online accounts, including those from other banks, investment firms, credit cards, mortgage companies and more. Money Management Tools also allows you to set budgets, review your spending, save for goals and manage your cash flow.

How are the Money Management Tools different from Personal Internet Banking?

Money Management Tools are an added service of Personal Internet Banking. You will use Personal Internet Banking to view your HSBC accounts, pay your bills, transfer funds, and review details of your HSBC accounts. Money Management Tools allow you to link all of your online accounts together from different financial institutions, investments, and other sources. Your HSBC accounts are automatically added to your account list. The tools will help you stay on top of your finances by viewing and tracking all your online accounts in one place.

Please Note: Transactions cannot be made within the tools.

Visit HSBC's Money Management Tools page to learn more.

How do I access Money Management Tools?

To access Money Management Tools, log on to HSBC's Personal Internet Banking service and click on the "Money Management Tools" tab on your account summary screen. Once you are in the tab, click "Launch Tools" to access your full suite of Money Management Tools.

Is there a cost for the Money Management Tools service?

Money Management Tools is available to HSBC customers with Personal Internet Banking at no additional cost. And, it's available to you 24 hours a day.

What should I know about Money Management Tools before I use the service?

The Money Management Tools service enables you to aggregate, or bring together, all of your financial accounts into one place with easy to view graphs and charts surrounding your finances.

Learn more about Money Management Tools here.

Industry standard security and encryption are used to capture, store and transmit the login information you submit for your other online services as well as your HSBC Personal Internet Banking log on credentials (Username and Password). However, it is also important that you understand your part in safeguarding your logon information:

NEVER share your Personal Internet Banking Username and Password with anyone. No one from HSBC will ever ask you for your log in credentials and no one from HSBC will have access to this information.

We recognize that privacy is important to you. Review our Privacy Notice and Money Management Tools Security Statement. The Privacy Notice only applies to HSBC and the Money Management Tools website, and does not apply to other sites you access through Money Management Tools. We recommend that you review the privacy policies of other websites you visit before registering for or using their services.

How accurate and current is the information presented through Money Management Tools?

Money Management Tools provides state-of-the-art technology to access information about your online accounts. While Money Management Tools provides greater convenience for your account review, we have no control over the accuracy or timeliness of the information gathered from other websites. Any discrepancies in the information should be discussed directly with your primary account provider.

When I launch the tools, will my accounts be automatically added to my Money Management Tools profile?

Your HSBC accounts will be automatically added to your new Money Management Tools profile. The next steps are to add your other non-HSBC accounts in order to create one source to virtually manage all of your accounts.

How often is my information in Money Management Tools updated?

Money Management Tools are updated once a day. You can update your account information at any time to get the most current information available by selecting the "Refresh Accounts" link.

Please Note: Money Management Tools provides state-of-the art technology to access information about your accounts, but we have no control over the accuracy or timeliness of the information gathered from any other online providers or from any other web sites.

Where can I learn about the policies and Terms of Use for Money Management Tools?

Launch the following links to learn more.

How are the Money Management Tools different from EasyView?

Money Management Tools has replaced our Easyview service and is now also available on mobile, tablet and desktop. Customers can now set savings goals and view their transactions with the Financial Calendar.

Is there a phone number I can call if I have other questions about Money Management Tools?

If you have questions, call us at 800.975.4722 (HSBC) from 7:00 a.m. to midnight ET; (TTY/TTD: 1.800.898.5999). If you are calling from outside the continental United States, call us collect at (716) 841-7212.

How do I add an account to Money Management Tools?

From the Account Summary page, select "Link an Account." You can either start your search by selecting the category that describes the account type (e.g., Banking, Credit Cards, Investments, Loans, etc.) or you can type the bank or organization name in the box provided. Once you find the correct bank or organization, enter your log on information for that particular institution. Money Management Tools will store this information for automatic login when you return to use the Money Management Tools.

How can I add an Account that is not listed?

If you do not see your specific account type listed in the "Add a New Account," you can create a Custom Account. Click "Create a Custom Account" and complete the necessary information to add to your Money Management Tools accounts. Custom Accounts need to be updated manually and are not supported by features such as the "Account Details," "Alerts," "Auto-Login," and "Historical Charting." However, you can still include the account on Money Management Tools, if the account has online access. You can establish a link to it on the Account Summary page by entering the website address when you create your Manual Account.

How do I view a summary of my accounts?

The Dashboard provides a view of your accounts, alerts, spending review pie chart, and net worth performance graph. You can also access your accounts by clicking the "Accounts" tab and selecting "Account Summary". The "Account Summary" page provides an overview of your online accounts and a varied view of your portfolio. You can also select or change your preferences from this view.

How do I view a specific account?

You can view a specific account by selecting the account from the Account Summary page or Money Management Tools dashboard page. Simply double click on the account for more information and options.

What is the maximum number of accounts I can add?

There is no limit to the number of online accounts you can add to your Money Management Tools service.

How do I know my balances are the most current?

You can update your account balances by clicking "Refresh Accounts" link from the Money Management Tools Account Summary or Dashboard page. This will bring in the most current information that is available from all your accounts.

Please Note: Money Management Tools provides state-of-the art technology to access information about your accounts, but we have no control over the accuracy or timeliness of the information gathered from any other online providers or from any other web sites.

Can I chart my accounts recent financial history?

You can chart your banking, investments and credit cards financial history by selecting "Budgets & Goals" and then choosing "Cash Flow Analysis" from the drop down menu.

How do I remove or delete an account from my Money Management Tools profile?

  1. Select "Account Summary" from the Accounts tab.
  2. Click on the account you want to delete.
  3. On the dropdown, select "Edit."
  4. Next to "Actions" there is a "Delete Account" link.
  5. Confirm your action for the account to be permanently removed. All the details including log on credentials, transactions and historical information will be discarded.

How do I cancel my entire Money Management Tools service?

Money Management Tools is part of your Personal Internet Banking. You may choose not to access the tools.

What are Alerts and how can I set them up?

An alert notifies you about information on your accounts such as payment reminders. You can set up a variety of alerts across all of your linked accounts. Alerts will be sent to via email. Alerts will also appear on your Money Management Tools dashboard.

To create an alert, select "Alerts" under the "Settings" tab, select all of the alerts you'd like to receive and click "update alerts".

How can I add or delete an Alert?

  1. Go to the "Settings" tab and select "Alerts."
  2. Select or deselect any alerts that you may wish to include or delete.

How do I view my Alerts?

Alerts can be viewed from the Money Management Tools Dashboard page or via email.

How do I view, print or download transactions?

You can view transactions by Account Group, Category, or by time period.

  1. Go to the "Accounts" tab.
  2. Select "Transactions."
  3. In the toolbar you can print by choosing the printer icon or download using the arrow icon.

How do I look at my spending by category?

To see spending for a specific category, you can either select from the "Category" drop down or choose the category from the spending review graph.

All transactions for the category you choose will appear as well as a graph showing your spending trends.

How can I compare my budgets versus actual spend for a specific category or period of time?

Simply choose "Spending Review" in the "Budgets & Goals" tab. Select the category for the budget you would like to track. This will enable you to view your spending month over month in a bar graph format.

Why can't I see my HSBC credit card rewards points?

HSBC Credit Card Reward Program Points cannot be viewed at this time. We are working to resolve this and will inform users when it is available. Customers can review their rewards program points by clicking on the My Rewards button in the account summary section of Personal Internet Banking.

Can I change the way my transactions are categorized?

  1. Select the transaction you want to re-categorize
  2. Click the drop down with the existing category to choose a different category


You may also split a transaction by selecting split and designating the amounts in categories.

Can I make transactions in Money Management Tools?

No, you are not able to make transactions in the Money Management Tools.

What type of accounts should I link?

The more accounts you link, the better view you have into your financial picture. Through Money Management Tools you can add your Banking, Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Investments, Insurance, Real Estate, Rewards, Bills, Utilities, Cell Phone & Wireless, Phone & Long Distance, Cable & Satellite, Other Assets, Other Liabilities, and Payment Services accounts.

How do I set a budget?

You can set a budget in the "Budgets & Goals" tab by clicking "Budgets".

  1. Click the "Spending" tab
  2. Click the "Edit Budgets" icon
  3. You should see a full list of categories, input the monthly budget for any category

How can I change a budget?

  1. Click the "Edit Budgets" icon
  2. Locate the budget you want to change
  3. Input the new amount for your budget


To delete an existing budget click the "X" next to the category you want to delete.

1 This tool is a personal financial management service that allows customers to consolidate and manage their financial information by consolidating it in one place on Personal Internet Banking.

2 HSBC refers to HSBC Bank USA, N.A, HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. and HSBC Insurance Agency (USA) Inc. HSBC Bank USA, N.A. provides banking products and services. HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. provides investment products and services and is an affiliate of HSBC Bank USA, N.A. HSBC Insurance Agency (USA) Inc. provides insurance products and services and is a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Bank USA, N.A.