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Move Money FAQs

Pay or Transfer

Wire Payments (including Global Transfers)

You no longer need to use Global View to transfer money from your US account to your HSBC accounts in other countries as you did in the past. In new PIB, if you add your HSBC international account using Add or remove a country/territory link from the My HSBC menu, you can then use the Move money function to transfer funds from their US accounts to your HSBC accounts in other countries. Transfers from the your domestic account to your HSBC account in other countries could occur in either USD or foreign currency. You will still need to log on to your foreign account to do the reverse money transfer (i.e., transfers from your HSBC account in other countries to your domestic account).


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On the 'My banking' screen, select the account that you wish to make a payment from, and then 'Move money.'

If you have made a payment to this wire payee before, select the appropriate payee from 'My payees.' If this is the first time you've made a payment to this recipient, you will need to select "new payee." Please ensure that you have their name, address, bank code (ABA Fedwire routing number for domestic wire) and account number ready.

Once the payee has been set up, enter the payment amount and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the wire transfer.


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No. You cannot send wire transfers (domestic or international) from certain types of account. These accounts will automatically be blocked from "To Account" list.


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You will only be required to enter their Security Code when you set up a new wire payee (domestic or international) and send them a wire for the first time. After that, you can send wire payments to existing payees without entering a Security Code; logging in with their password is sufficient. Also, a Transaction Digital Signing (TDS) code has to entered, for additional security, during the wire payee set up process. This code is generated using a slightly different method than the security code used to log on and create the wire payee, so ensure you follow the online instructions carefully.

Please note that you will also be required to enter a security code when you need to add (or remove) a country in Global View (My HSBC tab > Add or remove a country/territory link).


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If you do not know the identifier of the bank, you can use the bank search tool built into the Wire transfer details screen to locate the routing number of the payee's bank. Otherwise, you will need to obtain that information from the payee.


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My Payees

From the 'My Payees' section on the left hand side of your screen, you have the option to add a 'New Bill Payee', but not a new Wire payee. A new Wire Payee can only be set up in line with a new wire payment transaction i.e. when you choose to transfer funds to "New Payee" by selecting "Wire Payee".

To set-up a new Wire payee, you need to click Move Money, then click the New payee tab, and then click on the Wire transfer button. The system will require you to enter your Security Code at this point unless you already used a Security Code to log onto that session, and will also need to enter a transaction digital signing code to complete the wire payee creation. Once the wire has been confirmed this new wire payee will appear in the My Payees tab.


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Bank to Bank Transfers

  1. Click on left menu option within Move money section that is labeled "Bank to Bank Transfers."
  2. Input your amount.
  3. Select account to transfer from.
  4. Select account to transfer to.
  5. Select Send on Date.
  6. Press Continue and follow onscreen instructions.


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  1. Select 'Add a New Account' button.
  2. Input required information on the screen. You will need the Routing Number and Account Number of the account you wish to add.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.


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