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Digital Security Device - frequently asked questions

How to log on and manage your accounts

We're changing the way you log on

We're making it safer and easier to log on to mobile and online banking. The Digital Security Device is a digital version of the Physical Security Device, allowing you to generate a one-time Log on security code from your device, so you can access your full range of mobile and online banking services.

What's new?

The Digital Security Device gives you added protection against the threat of fraud. It's also quicker and easier to log on with, and and can be used across multiple devices.

  • Get full access to the app and all its features across up to 3 devices.
  • Log on with just your username and Digital Security Device security code. No need to answer a memorable question.
  • 6-digit PIN to access the Digital Security Device for an additional layer of security.

Introduction to the changes

Setting up a new Security Device

Logging on with your Digital Security Device

Resetting your log on details

Switching or replacing your Security Device

Managing your devices

Updating your contact details

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