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How to transfer money from HSBC to another bank

Personal Internet Banking allows you to transfer money between checking and savings accounts and your accounts at other U.S. financial institutions – including banks, credit unions and brokerage accounts.

What you’ll need:

  • Account number for the non-HSBC account
  • Routing number for the non-HSBC account

Bank to Bank Transfers

If the sending and receiving bank accounts are both in your name, and are at U.S. banks, you can transfer funds between your eligible HSBC and non-HSBC accounts using Bank to Bank Transfers.

How to add a new external account

1. Log on to Personal Internet Banking.

2. Hover over My HSBC at the top of the page and then scroll down and click Bank to Bank Transfers under the Move Money heading. You’ll enter the Bank to Bank Transfer function.

3. To add a new external account for making transfers, click on the Add New Account button in the center of the page. You’ll need the routing number and account number of the account you wish to add.

  • For your protection and security, HSBC will verify the information entered by you to ensure that the request for the service actually came from you. 
  • For most major banks, credit unions, and brokerages, we can complete confirmation of individual accounts you have online access set up for in less than a minute. 
  • For other accounts, we will ask you to complete a trial deposit verification, which generally completes in two- three business days. 
  • We’ll notify you by email of the status of your registration within three days. The email will also contain simple instructions for your next steps.

Once your account is verified

4. In the Bank to Bank Transfer page (see step 2), enter the amount to you wish to transfer.

5. Select the HSBC transfer from account.

6. Select the external account to transfer to.

7. Select the Send On Date when you’d like to send the money. Click on the Make Recurring link if you want the transfer to re-occur based on the frequency and duration you specify.

8. Press Continue and follow the onscreen instructions.

How will I know when a transfer is complete?

You’ll receive email confirmations for upcoming transfers, transfers in progress and completed transfers.

Visit the Bank to Bank Transfer page and click on the Activity link in the menu heading to see an up-to-date report on your Transfer Funds requests over the past 180 days. Each transfer request is displayed along with the date and status of the transfer.

You should also be able to confirm the completion of the transfer with your financial institution after scheduled completion of your request. 

For more information about bank to bank transfers, visit our Move Money FAQs page.

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