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Protecting my assets

Property & Casualty insurance offerings to help secure your corner of the universe.

For Homes Valued at Less Than $1,000,000

As part of our commitment to helping you make sound financial decisions, we’ve partnered with Matic, a third party insurance provider, to offer competitive insurance for all of your hard-earned assets.

  • Homeowners Insurance
    Purchase a policy with enough coverage to fully replace your home and all of its contents.
  • Auto Insurance
    Protects yourself, your passengers, and other drivers in the event of an accident. Auto insurance also protects you against theft.
  • Insurance for Toys
    Boats, RV's, golf carts, ATV’s, and snowmobiles are all considered recreational toys. Purchase toy insurance to protect these investments, you, your passengers, and others.
  • Flood Insurance
    Consider purchasing a policy that protects you against flooding, which is the second most common natural disaster.
  • Earthquake Insurance
    If you live in an area prone to seismic activity, earthquake insurance is worth considering.
  • Umbrella Insurance
    While homeowners and auto insurance policies provide liability coverage, it may not be enough in the event that you are sued for damages. Umbrella insurance offers enhanced liability protection.

Get started

For homes valued less than $1,000,000

Clicking “Get a Quote Now” will take you to Matic, a third party insurance provider, for a free quote. HSBC is not responsible for any products or services you obtain through Matic, the privacy or security of any data you share with Matic or the security of Matic’s website. You should read and understand Matic’s Terms and Conditions before entering any sensitive information or agreeing to purchase any Matic product or service.

For Homes Valued at More Than $1,000,000

Our Insurance Specialists will help you manage risk, protect your family and safeguard your treasured belongings through personalized Property & Casualty insurance.

  • Homeowners, condo, co-op, automobile, classic car, and added protection from flood, wind, and earthquake insurance can all be tailored to fit your lifestyle.
  • Protection for your yacht or smaller craft as well as personal liability coverage for yourself, your passengers and your crew.
  • Our comprehensive fine art and collections program helps protect the value of your collection and confidence.
  • Kidnap insurance for protection against the unthinkable is necessary for those with considerable wealth. Beyond protecting against the monetary risks involved, expert support is offered during an extreme crisis.
  • Excess Liability/Umbrella policies are put in place to protect from life’s downpours. Primary insurance policies don’t always offer enough coverage to fully address your needs. This coverage is extra security.

Personalized Coverage

For homes valued more than $1,000,000, or personalized coverages, speak to one of our insurance specialists today.

Call us at 800.765.4187 or email our team at

HSBC insurance specialists can answer your questions. Call us at 866.586.4722.

Investment, annuities, and variable life insurance products are offered by HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. (HSI), member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC. In California, HSI conducts insurance business as HSBC Securities Insurance Services. License #: OE67746. HSI is an affiliate of HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Whole life, universal life, term life, and other types of insurance are offered by HSBC Insurance Agency (USA) Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Products and services may vary by state and are not available in all states. California license #: OD36843.

Investments, Annuity and Insurance Products:


All decisions regarding the tax implications of your investment(s) should be made in consultation with your independent tax advisor.

Research backgrounds of brokers and firms for free by visiting FINRA's BrokerCheck website.

Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Customer Disclosure

At this time in the United States, there is no standard definition of, or measurement criteria for, environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors or impact.  ESG-related measurement criteria is highly subjective and may vary significantly across and within different sectors.  There is no guarantee that: (a) the nature of the ESG investment, or the ESG impact or measurement criteria of an investment, will be aligned with any particular investor’s ESG goals; (b) the stated or targeted ESG level will be achieved; or (c) an investment approach that considers ESG factors will produce returns similar to those that don’t, or that they won’t diverge from traditional market benchmarks.

HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. and HSBC Insurance Agency (USA) Inc. (collectively “HSBC”) may rely on metrics or measurement criteria devised and/or reported by third party providers or issuers.  HSBC does not always conduct its own specific due diligence in relation to ESG metrics or measurement criteria.

ESG investing is an evolving area and new regulations may come into effect which may affect how an investment is categorized or labeled. An investment that is considered to fulfil ESG criteria today may not meet those criteria at some point in the future.

Please consider the investment’s specific ESG impact measurement criteria in the prospectus or other offering documents prior to investing.

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